Ann Biese
Good Karma Yoga
95 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
I have witnessed firsthand with my own family and friends how a cancer diagnosis brings stress on so many levels. Being able to share yoga and bring someone living with cancer even just a few moments of peace and tranquility during a class is truly the best part of my journey as a yoga instructor. 

Michelle Couture
Yoga and Cancer
PO Box 265
Greenland, NH 03840
As a yoga instructor I recognized that the regular yoga classes I was teaching were not serving people with a cancer diagnosis. I was inspired to create a class that would address the specific needs of people newly diagnosed, in treatment or in surgical recovery so they could truly benefit from yoga and be part of a supportive community.

Arleen Damon
Roots to Wings
76 Newbury Turnpike
Newbury, MA 01951
Working with other cancer survivors, enables me to share practices that helped in my healing from breast cancer.
I do this by creating a safe space for spiritual and physical healing.

Carol Gamble, MS, RYT-500, C-IAYT
Graceful Path Yoga
Newburyport, MA 01950
Having worked as a clinical director in hospital organizations for over 30 years, I have witnessed the pain and suffering of patients diagnosed with cancer, and the stress endured by them and their families as they try to cope with devastating symptoms and side effects of their disease and treatments.  I became certified as a yoga therapist so that I am able help them by safely and meaningfully adapting the practices of yoga, meditation and relaxation to the individual needs of cancer patients on their survivorship journey.  

Fran Healey, RYT 500, yoga4cancer teacher certified
Andover Home Yoga
28 Chestnut Street
Andover, MA 01810
As a cancer "thriver", I have experienced the positive impact of yoga during and after treatment. During 17 months of active treatment, my yoga practice was an essential element of self-care inspiring me to become a teacher, including specific training related to cancer. I am extremely honored to have the privilege of sharing the therapeutic power of yoga with others, both patients and caregivers, who have found themselves on the cancer journey.

Ken Lidden
ABT Yoga
22 South Main Street
Topsfield, MA 01983
My role as a private practitioner is to support people to become more comfortable in stillness and silence. Stillness and silence because it leads me back to me, a me I may not wish to be with. This place asks that I listen. And, in listening, I am taken to an unknown place. Silence leaves me alone in this place of feeling. It is not necessarily a place of comfort. And, this is the place that cancer patients and most people find themselves in as did I. ABT yoga classes are safe and slow, engaging your body in a way that nourishes you while building strength and flexibility, all finishing with a deep relaxation. 

Chris Morton, RYT, M.Ed
Anahata Yoga @ The Barn
88 Green Street
Newbury, MA  01951
I consider it a privilege to be part of a student’s healing journey with cancer.  I have seen how relaxation techniques, guided visualizations, meditation practices, yoga, and yogassage have helped ease the side effects of treatments and lessen the stress of medical procedures.

Rose Russo 
Newburyport, MA 01950
Roots to Wings 
I am a breast cancer survivor. Yoga is an integral practice for all cancer patients. I believe in the power of yoga and the body’s incredible ability to heal. It is the perfect way to stretch and strengthen your body, while calming your mind. It’s a sustainable practice that will support your health throughout your lifetime. I teach from my own experience and deep understanding of yoga’s transformational powers.  


Yoga combines stretching exercises with deep breathing to promote relaxation and healing. Yoga can help people in cancer treatment or after reclaim a sense of confidence in their physical being. Yoga has also been shown to reduce distress, improve sleep and reduce fatigue.