Chris Crotty, MA
Chris Crotty Dharma
1091R Washington Street
Gloucester, MA 01930
My first pastoral care client came to me after her third cancer diagnosis.  We are still in touch occasionally and our relationship reminds me that mindfulness-based care and presence is a valuable resource to anyone confronting painful life circumstances. This compassionate awareness and the skills it requires form the basis of my work with people and families affected by cancer.

Joel Grossman 
90 Maple Street
West Newbury, MA 01985
As a hospice chaplain for the past fourteen years, I am aware of the various challenges and decisions cancer patients and their loved ones face. I offer Spiritual Direction as a way to find guidance in dealing with these challenges and choices.

Lark Hammond
Larks Heart Spiritual Companioning
Kingston, NH 03848
As a survivor of treatment for ovarian cancer ('08), I know that a cancer diagnosis, for oneself or a loved one, challenges us on every level.  In my experience, such challenges can also become a springboard for spiritual growth, leading to inner peace and fulfillment -- whether supported by, or independent of, religious belief and background.

Rachelle Linner
54 Forest Street #414
Medford, MA 02155
When I finished cancer treatment in 2017 I thought about going on a physical pilgrimage but instead embarked on an interior pilgrimage by becoming a spiritual director. Cancer brings challenges and opportunities in all aspects of life, including the spiritual and I would be honored to accompany you on this journey.

Spiritual Direction is a process by which a person is assisted in reflecting and drawing on their own spiritual guidance through the asking of important questions and deep listening. For someone dealing with the challenge of cancer, this creates an opportunity for mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical healing, helping to handle the distress associated with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.