Take advantage of the many wonderful cancer support programs developed by compassionate individuals and groups who strive to create caring community resources for people and families throughout their healing journey. 

Healing With Hope
This group combines yoga, meditation, guided imagery, support and education to help people with cancer cope with fear and stress and to strengthen their natural healing abilities.  

Harvey Zarren, M.D. 
NSMC Union Hospital 
Healing Atrium 500 Lynnfield St., Lynn
Wednesdays, 2-4 p.m. 

Honoring Your Body and Spirit
Continuing to Heal After and During Cancer

Monthly class that includes gentle and mindful stretching and supported restorative yoga poses to invite your body to open and heal. 2nd Sunday of each month, 3pm to 4:30pm. By donation. 

Arleen Damon
Roots to Wings Yoga and Healing Center
76 Newburyport Turnpike, RT 1
Newbury, MA 01951

Ironstone Farm
Challenge Unlimited

Three retreats per year, Challenge Unlimited use the dynamic power of horses to provide therapy for survivors of cancer. Free to cancer survivors. Registration forms are required and can be emailed or mailed to those interested in upcoming retreats. New retreat is April 28, 2019 and is now open for registration!

450 Lowell Street
Andover, MA


LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a free small group program designed for adult cancer survivors. This program fulfills the important need of supporting the increasing number of cancer survivors who find themselves in the transitional period between completing their cancer treatment and the shift to feeling physically and emotionally strong enough to attempt to return to their normal life or their "new normal". The program is conducted outside of medical facilities to emphasize that LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is about health, not disease.

North Shore Medical Center
Wellness and Integrative Medicine

Calendar is Seasonal. Check the website for yoga classes and workshops, locations, and details on registration and cost. 

Multiple locations: 
NSMC Salem Hospital, 81 Highland Avenue, Salem
NSMC Union Hospital, 500 Lynnfield Street, Lynn
NSMC Outpatient Services, 1 Hutchinson Drive, Danvers

Tong Ren Anti-Cancer Healing Classes
Tong Ren is a healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health. It is based on the principle that many diseases are caused by physical blockages that interrupt the body's natural flow of “chi”.  Donation / Suggestion $10 

85 Essex Street, 2nd floor
Haverhill MA 01832
Saturdays 1pm to 2pm
Live Broadcast Saturdays 1:00pm – 2:00pm 

Yoga and Cancer  
Yoga and Cancer offers free weekly yoga classes in the Seacoast of NH and Southern Maine for anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis. Participants will experience specialized yoga taught by trained teachers to support anyone who is newly diagnosed, in cancer treatment or surgical recovery. Classes welcome primary caregivers and anyone in recent bereavement. 

Michelle Couture

Yoga Hope 
Cancer is a catalyst for change and this workshop explores positive changes you can make in your life. It includes healing yoga, self healing and mindfulness practices designed for cancer patients. Held monthly on the first Saturday of the month, 2-4pm. Check the website for schedule or call Rose directly. By donation/suggestion $10. 

Rose Russo
Roots to Wings
76 Newbury Turnpike Road, Rt. 1
Newbury, MA 01951

YWCA Greater Newburyport Encore Program
Since 2009 the YWCA Greater Newburyport has been offering a free, 12-week survivorship program for those who have had a breast or ovarian cancer diagnosis at any point in their lives. The Encore program includes gentle land exercise, warm water pool exercise, ongoing peer support groups and featured guest speakers and programs. Encore services are available to all participants who have completed the 12-week survivorship program on an ongoing basis.  

Ilene Harnch-Grady
13 Market Street  
Newburyport, MA 01950
978-465-9922 Ext. #13

YMCA of the North Shore

Corner Stone of the North Shore
Corner Stone of Cape Ann
Contact Arianna Kinder
(603) 382-0641

Corner Stone is a free collaborative program providing essential daily living support to cancer patients, cancer survivors, and their immediate families. Offered through the YMCA, Corner Stone classes and services are offered at various locations.