Introducing North of Boston Cancer Resource

In August of 2016, 8 people interested in enhancing the lives of people with cancer in the Greater Newburyport area met for the first time.  Since then, a smaller group has continued to meet and work together to develop this resource which we envision will empower people diagnosed with cancer to take charge of their healing process.   

This resource is a comprehensive, one-stop-shopping guide that will help people with cancer find competent and caring practitioners of healing therapies, support services and groups, programs and other resources that address the mind, body and spirit aspects of a person’s well-being. Along the way we have worked closely with the Anna Jaques Cancer Center and the Lahey Comprehensive Breast Health Center to insure that the services and resources in our guide will go hand-in-hand with standardized oncology protocols.   

Having started in Newburyport, we called ourselves the Greater Newburyport Cancer Resource. When Dr. Rebecca Yang, the Director of the Lahey Comprehensive Breast Health Center in Peabody added her support to our cause we realized we needed to expand our vision and service area so we became the North of Boston Cancer Resource.    

We are delighted to partner with the many practitioners, programs and organizations listed in our guide.  They are passionate and committed to providing specialized services that enhance the well-being of people with cancer and their families throughout the course of their treatment and beyond.   

We are so excited to see our vision come to fruition in the form of this on-line resource which will be followed by a printed brochure to be distributed at cancer centers in the communities North of Boston.  As we continue to expand our network of practitioners and programs we can use your help and support.  If it is possible for you, please make a donation to help us maintain the website and expand the reach of our brochure distribution. If you know of any practitioners that may be a good fit for NBCR, send them our way.   

Most importantly, please SPREAD THE WORD! What good is a resource if no one knows about it?  Follow us on our Facebook page  and share our posts so that those who would benefit from the NBCR guide can find it. If you’d like us to speak to your community group about NBCR contact us at or 978-225-3452. Thank you for your support! 


NBCR Russo